In 2006, the fusion of the two bands Colorbone and hawaiian baby wood rose from the music bedrocks Regensburg and Straubing led to the creation of Chasing for Glory.

As with all great bands, drummer No1 soon died/left and the gap had to be filled with a finer talent, namely Marv, behind the snares. Their first studio album Rookie came out in 2010 and the gifted foursome then toured through the entire country and beyond the borders. A short excursion to the recording studio in 2014 resulted in the birth of the B-Side EP Defend your Heart.

At the beginning of 2015, Josè, Manolo and Marv decided to stir up the punk rock scene from now on in a threesome – a new-found freedom they embraced creatively. In May 2015, the trio again locked themselves away in the recording studio, enabling them to jam their third official record, Awake (release 26 February 2016), with incendiary yet catchy punk rock, delivered in a US style.

When Chasing for Glory releases its power, the audience knows there is no way back…

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